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We believe in a future without administrative headaches and anxiety. By simplifying filing and compliance workflow, SingleFile gives you time and peace of mind so you can focus on more important things.


Sean Flynn

Chief Growth Officer

For 20+ years, Sean thrived as a strategist, builder and operator in industry-disruptive companies, big and small. But once a lawyer, always a lawyer and he never got over all of the fiddly, deadline-driven filing work required to set up companies and keep them in compliance. SingleFile was born of his recognition that there is a better way.

Matt Woodward

Chief Technology Officer

Prior to SingleFile, Matt led teams and technology development at Expedia, Microsoft, and Whitepages. He brings 8+ years of startup CTO experience from founder to scaling companies to 280+ employees. Matt enjoys building things - from hobby microcontroller projects to software systems that help consumers and businesses be more successful in what they do.

Aaron Finn

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron is a senior leader who brings 20 years' worth of experience in marketing, finance, business development and management of venture capital backed companies to his new leading role.

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At SingleFile, we’re giving people back more of their most scarce resource—time. By simplifying repetitive, manual and detail-oriented compliance work, we’re helping free people up for more rewarding activities while giving them the peace of mind that all the administrative stuff is under control.

We’re looking for people who relish the idea of shaking up the old way of doing things, disrupting a sleepy industry and eliminating the mundane. Along the way, you’ll be delivering really cool products and services, and contributing to our can-do/will-do culture.

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