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SingleFile is an online platform that simplifies and automates state Secretary of State filings. It's a faster, easier way to file that saves time and reduces errors. SingleFile is the modern solution for modern firms.

How it Works

Fast & Reliable Filing

Our automated and simplified workflows reflect current state rules and guidelines, and only ask for the minimum amount of information that's required. Complete a filing in seconds and receive status notifications by email and in the app.

  • Streamlined steps ensure that your time is not wasted

  • We use information we already have to avoid repetitive data entry and mistakes

  • Our experts let you know as soon as there's an issue and help resolve quickly

Home Page

All the information you need to stay on top of your clients' entities can be found in our home page, which provides an overview of upcoming annual report deadlines, reminders sent and entity status at a glance.

  • All active filings and entity activity in one organized place

  • Identify clients for intervention before deadlines are missed

  • Intuitive navigation to start a filing, update corporate information or view past filings

Entity Information Management

File numbers, jurisdictions, addresses, officers and directors, etc. is organized by client and entities and accessible on our secure, web-based platform. Clients can update their corporate information and all changes are logged.

  • All of your clients' entity information is maintained in one place

  • Past filings and service of process is accessible at entity level

  • Information is confirmed or updated as part of relevant filings

Direct Billing

SingleFile removes billing headaches. Never deal with lost, multiple or outdated paper invoices again. Avoid having to explain invoices to clients.

  • Clients are billed directly and set up payment online

  • Invoices are straight-forward with no hidden fees

  • All invoices are accessible online at entity level

Wide Range of Filings

Our online platform supports a wide range of state secretary of state filings. Forms are pre-poluated with data already in our system to save time and reduce errors. We stay current with the rules of each state so you get it right the first time. SingleFile is the easiest way to file.

  • Current online filings include: formations, amendments, foreign qualifications, certificates of good standing, annual reports, certified document retrieval, mergers and apostilles

  • Available in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia

  • If there’s something you need that isn't listed, just ask us. We’re ready to help

  • We let you know when the documents are ready and store them for you online

How SingleFile Helps Your Team

Always Know What & How to File

Stop wasting time researching filing requirements and interpreting agency guidance. SingleFile stays on top of it so that you get it right the first time.

The Easiest Way to File

Manage filing activities in SingleFile, entering information only once and tracking filing status from submission to receipt of evidence. Our streamlined online filing saves time and avoids errors.

Never Miss a Deadline

Monitor annual report deadlines and activity. Clients receive a progression of reminders as deadlines approach. Educational Delaware reminders reduce the amount of hand-holding.

Always Stay on Top of Your Tasks

Track status at a glance, plan your work ahead and, when it's time to file, use our simplified workflows.

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