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The healing power of Spring Break

April 10, 2021

We were on Spring Break this week. It was a whole lot better than Spring Break last year, but it's still a long way away from how it used to be (unless you're part of the college crowd or the recently vaccinated boomers). For us, it was a quiet family trip to the beach. We kept to ourselves. Dining and recreating outdoors. And shopping because my daughters do what they can to support the local economy.

In any year, a Spring Break getaway represents a change of scenery and routine. It was especially welcome this year. After being in a rut for so long, new food, new activities and new experiences brought a refreshingly new perspective. Even if Spring Break is not part of your jam this year, find an opportunity to switch things up, get out of the house, do something different and recharge.

Some additional thoughts for these times.

The time is not too far off when we can put away the masks and get to see smiles once again. It's hard to overstate the transformative effect of the simple smile and how much we've missed by having them hidden behind a mask. It's powered by a jolt of joy and radiates happiness, prompting smiles in those around us. Let's practice in private while we wait for the masks come off.

For each of us, there's something (or quite a few somethings) that gets in the way of getting stuff done. Social media. Email and/or slack. TV in the background. That 2nd (or 3rd) glass of wine. Make a list of these habits, a blacklist of productivity busters that's holding you back. You won't be able to change habits overnight but you can be more conscious of them. That's where change begins.

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