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Claim victories big and small

April 24, 2021

"Slow down, you move too fast." I was humming Feelin' Groovy the other day and the opening line suddenly resonated with me. Even pre-Covid, our lives tended to be go-go-go. With the Vid (as my teenager calls it), everything is full throttle. In rushing from moment to moment, we lose two things. We miss the opportunity to live in the moment without worrying about the next. We also fail to step back and reflect on what we've accomplished. We get so hyper focused on the next thing, we gloss over our victories. Maybe it's a project successfully completed at work. Maybe it's crossing something off the honey do list. Maybe it's getting a vaccination. Some days are better than others, but chances are there's something each day that you can claim as a victory.

Yes, there's a lot to learn from failure (and we've all had our share of it), but the wins -- even the small ones -- give us that jolt of satisfaction, bolster our confidence and encourage us to go forward. So slow down, take stock in what you've accomplished and celebrate your successes. It works doubly well if you do that for others too.

Some additional thoughts for these times.

What does it mean to be professional? Once professionalism was a code of office behavior. Dress and language were formal. Everyone was expected to be in the office by 9 and not leave before 6. Seriousness was encouraged; frivolity was not. At its heart, professionalism stood as a barrier against the messiness of real life. It supported the business fiction that employees were human capital, not so much human beings. For years, outward signs such as dress codes and language have been evolving. But it took Covid to break the barrier between work and home, introducing us all to the beautiful clutter of other lives. As we catch glimpses of a child or a pet, or dirty dishes or laundry, we are reminded that the face on our screen is a person like us. When we go back to an office, it will be impossible to suit up as unknowing and uncaring professionals.

Sometimes it's hard to get motivated. We dread starting something that we know will be difficult or time-consuming. We turn to any distraction to put it off. Then we beat ourselves up for procrastinating. Consider easing into a project. Start with a discrete step that you can complete quickly. Set manageable goals with rewards for success such as a snack, a coffee or a walk in the park. A bigger reward in the form of an event such as a dinner reservation or meeting friends time boxes your work and forces you to be more productive.

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