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CTA Premium Filing & Monitoring Service

Never miss a deadline!

With SingleFile's Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Premium Filing & Monitoring Service, managing the new CTA mandates are a breeze. This technology-powered platform helps thousands of organizations and advisors schedule, pay and file on time reducing time, errors and missed deadlines.

Save time.

Avoid penalties.

Ensure compliance.


Annual Pricing per Entity 

  • ​​$300 CTA + Registered Agent + Annual Reporting Services

  • $200 CTA Filing & Monitoring Service

BOI Reporting

Reviewing the Laws

Corporate Transparency Act

Could you be required to file?
Organizations not likely required to file.  See your attorney for confirmation.
  • Securities Reporting Issuer

  • Governmental Authority

  • Bank

  • Credit Union

  • Bank Holding Company

  • Securities Broker or Dealer.

  • Securities Exchange or Clearing Agency

  • Other Exchange Act Registered Entity

  • Investment Company / Adviser

  • Venture Capital Fund Adviser

  • Insurance Company

  • Commodity Exchange Act Registered Entity

  • Public Accounting Firm

  • Public Utility

  • Financial Market Utility

  • Pooled Investment Vehicle

  • Tax Exempt Entity

  • Assisting a Tax Exempt Entity

  • Large Operating Company

  • Subsidiary of 1-15, 71-17, 19 or 21

  • Inactive Entity

  • Licensed Insurance Producer

FinCEN Introductory Video

BOI Informational Video 

BOI Reporting Final Rule

BOI Final Rule Fact Sheet

FinCEN Published Information

BOI Reporting FAQs

FinCEN Identifier Requirments

Fact Sheet BOI Access / Safeguards

BOI Report Filing Dates

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