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Published on:
July 30, 2020

Week 20. This sh*t is just getting harder. At first, it was a novelty, followed by excitement of being the master of your own schedule and space, then it looked like we had turned the corner, and now we see that there are a few more corners to turn. I sleep in my own bed every night and don’t stay up late, but I feel more tired now than before. There was a time when, despite all the other garbage going on in the world, we felt like we knew what’s what. We had answers to our questions and even though we may not have liked those answers, that was something. And now . . . ?

Let me tell you about now. I just had a company picnic. Nothing fancy, but for three hours we all returned to the world of the living and got to act like normal (ok, from a distance) people. Earlier in the week, I was fortunate enough to get out on a boat with close friends. In a normal summer, what would’ve been a common occurrence -- just like the picnic — became magical. I don’t have the entire answer, but I know it starts with people.

Here are a few ideas to consider.

Easing the strain begins with reconnecting. Find a group of colleagues, friends or even family (if you’re still talking :) ) and then find a way to see each other live, in person. My bet is that the tightness in your shoulders will subside, a laugh will slip out unbidden and you will feel more like a person again.

Have you thought about your work setup recently? The time for making do by working from your bed or dining room table has long since gone. Carve out space within an existing space. You could convert a closet into a dedicated workspace. Or you could add a desk to a bigger room, like a kitchen or a living room or a bedroom. If it’s a temporary space, have it ready to switchover. Stow your monitor, stash your charging cords and keep a comfortable chair close by.

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