The good habits we want to keep

Published on:
July 16, 2020

It may be hard to see it at the moment, but the crazy times in which we all find ourselves are not all bad. Social justice is higher on just about everyone’s agenda. Our carbon footprint is smaller. And if we look closely (maybe scrunch our eyes), there’s one or two good habits that we’ve developed. Maybe we’re exercising more regularly. Maybe we’re eating more healthy. Maybe we’re calling our moms and dads more regularly. Speaking for myself, I’m having more family dinners, which were less frequent in the pre-Covid days. When everybody had something else to do and some other place to be, it was a challenge to simply sit down together at the same table at the same time for a meal. That’s not the case now. Sure, summer and the re-opening of sports practices threaten this ritual, but given that we’re at home, we can adjust by having an early dinner. I’ve found that it’s much easier to put aside what I’m doing for work when everyone is waiting for me in the next room with the tasty smells of dinner wafting into my workspace.

Here are some thoughts for keeping up those good habits.

One way to encourage our good habits to stick is to embed a hook or incentive. In my case, that might be assigning someone to cook dinner once a week. By making each meal a special occasion, I’m more apt to put away my work and cajole my kids to plan around it.

Another thought would be to link good habits with routines. I have a friend who starts his day, takes lunch and comes “home” for dinner all at the same time. I don’t know if I ever aspire to be that rigid but the idea that there’s a set time makes it easier to set the expectation (or rule, depending on the household).

You can find more tips for making the most of your time at home here.  If you have any you'd like to share, reply to this email and we’ll post them!

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