Talk of an end but it's not yet in sight

Published on:
April 16, 2020

Week 5 is almost to a close and although there’s talk of an end, it’s not yet in sight. By now, I’m sure you can start a (choose your favorite) Zoom/Hangouts/WebEx/GoToMeeting video call in your sleep. You may even have found a favorite video background! As much as it’s important to establish a routine, there’s danger in doing the same thing day after day — you lose energy and creativity, and have trouble staying focused and engaged. This week we’re going to look at strategies to mix things up a little. Below are a couple tips to consider.

- As each days turns into a replay of the day before and your workplace and home-space morph into one, try something new! Wear your watch on your other wrist.  Part your hair on the other side. Create a makeshift standup desk. Switch up your exercise routine (or start one up). Trying something new can channel new energy and spark creative thinking.  

- Embed social interaction into your work routines. Carve out opportunities for spontaneity by building time into the start of regular meetings for banter and catch up. Consider virtual events such as meal times, coffee breaks or happy hours. Take turns coming up with a group activity for the HH (bingo, trivia). Sites like Humble Bundle have game packages for groups.  

You can find more tips for making the most of your time at home here.  If you have any you'd like to share, email us and we’ll post them!

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