Sunshine antiseptic

Published on:
August 13, 2020

I wouldn’t go so far as to say sunshine kills the coronavirus, but it can go a long way toward chasing away the blues and even energize us. I’m fortunate to live near a park and I love seeing all of the people — young and old — finding safe spaces to gather and luxuriate in the Seattle sunshine. It happens every summer, but this summer in particular there’s almost a desperate craving to be outside, with others.

There’s something wonderful about a Seattle summer. The gore-tex and fleece are stowed away in the back of the closet. Picnic blankets, shorts and sandals come out. Mind you that a true Seattleite only has so much tolerance for the sun before muttering about heat waves and watering plants!

Here are a few more ideas for managing through this.

Don’t forget to look up every once in a while. When we get lost in the task at hand, we sometimes lose the plot. It doesn't help that we're now working in isolation. It can be useful to revisit your assumptions. Are your priorities aligned with the rest of the team? Are there other items that are gating people? Is there a better approach? I'm sure some of us have charged down a path, oblivious to the fact that circumstances had changed, when we could've saved a lot of later rework had we looked up sooner.

I recently saw something that said hugs play a role in our physical and mental well-being. These days we could all use a good hug. Apparently, there’s a right and a wrong way to hug during this pandemic. For the detailed playbook, here’s a link to a New York Times article. But in the spirit of TLDR, the steps are 1) stay outside, 2) wear masks, 3) point your face in opposite directions and 4) make it brief. The last is probably the hardest to follow but you can always go back for seconds. Of course, none of this applies to people in your bubble.

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