Making the best of the new normal

Published on:
April 30, 2020

We're well into Week 7 and it's hard to think back to life before social distancing. What was it like to bump into a friend in the park, at the gym or in the grocery store and catch up without shouting or adjusting a mask? Human beings are remarkably adaptive and what once felt awkward or uncomfortable is our new normal. It's clear that our changed behavior won't disappear overnight. We'll need to keep physical distance and remain religious about washing hands and not touching our faces for weeks and probably months. But it's equally clear that there will be time when we can eat at our favorite restaurant, exchange handshakes and hugs with our friends, and pass strangers on the sidewalk without crossing the road. In the meantime, here are a couple of thoughts and suggestions while the new normal continues.

- Temporal boundaries are very important for balance. It’s easy for work to intrude on personal or family time. Try to establish and stick to a regular scheduled work day. If you need time for family or pets, set expectations by signaling you’re unavailable or may respond slower than usual. Also consider the temporal boundaries of others. Email and IM are tremendous time-shifting tools, but they can cause people to feel pressured to respond out of hours. When you send a message at the end of the day or after hours, let the recipient know whether it can wait.

- Experiment with music. At work, you had to wear headphones that pinched your ears or sounded tinny. Music was meant to be played over a tweeter, midrange and subwoofer! Dust off your old stereo or fire up your wireless speaker. Select tunes to ease into your morning, concentrate for intense work, pick you up in the afternoon or celebrate the end of a long day. Dig up your old favorites or try new stuff. Use music to set the mood or improve it!

You can find more tips for making the most of your time at home here.  If you have any you'd like to share, email us in your own time and we’ll post them!

Meanwhile, we're still open for business and supporting filings in DE, WA and CA with our online platform. There's a discounted filing fee for early users. Counter service for both WA and CA remains suspended, which will impact filing times. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with the platform first, check out our demo site. Whatever you do, we'll keep you informed and help with the tasks that you need.

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