Living in the time of blue moons

Published on:
November 5, 2020

Last Saturday we experienced a remarkable event -- the second full moon in October (a blue moon) that also fell on Halloween. The last time this event was visible across the globe was 1944. Perhaps equally remarkable  -- there were no trick-or-treaters. Yet by some feat of eldritch, my daughters still managed to accumulate large bags of candy!

If it wasn't already the case, by Tuesday night it was clear that we're living in a time of blue moons. Words like "unprecedented," "historic" and even "existential" have become commonplace in the news and commentary. I don't know about you, but my brain was a butterfly this week, flitting from topic to topic, never really settling down in one place for long. Hard to focus when something remarkable occurs every day.

Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

Other thoughts for these strange times.

With our brains working overtime, is it any wonder that many of us haven’t been sleeping well? Poor sleep leaves us short-tempered and distraction-prone, not to mention exhausted. Getting to bed at reasonable hour would help. So would reducing alcohol consumption (but where’s the fun in that?). When my girls were very young, I recall feeling similarly --  often confused and always exhausted. If it weren't for the well-timed nap, I would've been toast. I think we all should revisit strategic napping.

With so much distraction, consider the simple (often boring) administrative work. No, this is not a self-serving plug for SingleFile (that’s comes later). What I mean is we should view the frazzled state of our brains opportunistically. Knock out all of those simple but time-consuming tasks you’ve been putting off. Submit your time sheets, review client invoices or re-register your car. Clean up your inbox. Maybe write those thank you notes you've being meaning to get to. Nah, those can wait.

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