Fits and starts

Published on:
July 9, 2020

I believe it was Darwin who wrote of value of adapting to change. Certainly, we’ve all been doing our best to do so over the past several months. For better or worse, society is beginning to open up in fits and starts. One further complication: the rules vary from county to county, from state to state and from country to country. It’s a kind fo limbo where some places are open, others are not and the whole thing is subject to change.

We’re interacting with the world behind a mask. Some have turned masks into a fashion accessory, but the fact remains these things are uncomfortable and get more so over time. Many of us are fortunate to be able to work from home and thus only wear a mask for a short trip to the store or walk through the neighborhood. Yeah, it’s a pain, but others have to deal with these things as well as the people who refuse to wear them for long stretches of time. I try to keep this in mind when, swearing under my breath, I realize halfway to the store that I forgot mine and go back home to retrieve it.

A few thoughts to get through the time at home.

We all have moments of panic. When what’s going on in the world, at home or at work becomes all-consuming, tension builds and we lose perspective. De-escalate by seeking something that brings you comfort. Pick an activity that reminds you of simpler, happier times. Crack open a favorite book. Queue up songs from yesteryear. Flip through a real or virtual photo album. Revel in those moments of joy. Sometimes we just need a reminder that they are possible and will come again. I’m not ashamed to admit that I picked the Grateful Dead ride on the Peloton this morning.

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