Dog days of summer

Published on:
August 20, 2020

Is it me or does anyone else feel like their brain is moving more slowly of late? Clearly, there's more to process than in seasons past; I think we’re all dealing with cognitive overload. For those of who could get away for a spell, good on you! If you haven't but can make it happen, go for it! I hope you have/will come back fresh and recharged.

For those who have been plugging away since March without a break, we need a different prescription.

Here are a few ideas.

Have you heard of the 85% rule? It states that you are at your most productive and creative when you trim away the unnecessary activities in your work life. Turns out that working at 100% is a certain path to burnout. Many of us have an over-healthy dose of what used to be called a Protestant work ethic. We have trouble saying “no.” We over-schedule. We over-promise. Resist the temptation. Ask yourself what’s really necessary to achieve your goals and cut out the excess. If you have trouble, put it to your colleagues -- out of what you ask me to do, what's most important? Chances are, there are lots of nice-to-haves that aren't quite need-to-haves on your plate.

In the immortal words of Sergeant Hulka: "lighten up, Francis!" Just about everyone I speak with is busier now than pre-Covid. Last minute requests and change of plans. Impending deadlines. It’s all-consuming. At the risk of speaking heresy, I recommend stepping away, taking a deep breath and recognizing that, in almost every case, lives are not at stake. If you reflect a little further, you’ll realize that some of what you’re doing is ludicrous to the point of laughing out loud. Do yourself a favor and laugh out loud. We all need to remember to lighten up. It makes us better people.

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