A Memorial Day like no other

Published on:
May 21, 2020

Time marches on despite what's happening in the world. Can you believe Memorial Day is right around the corner? For many of us, it's the kickoff to summer, marked with trips to the beach or the mountains, picnics and all manner of parades. This year, we're staying closer to home and keeping (mostly) to ourselves. Still, it's a great opportunity to break away from the Groundhog Day routine we've been living for the past 10 weeks. And while  we pay homage to those in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, we can't help but think of people on the front line today making sacrifices in a different fight.

To finish up this week (and get through those to come), below are a couple more suggestions for working from home.

- Zoom fatigue. All of those Zoom calls can be draining. Staring at people’s faces for long periods of time. Being self-conscious of our own appearance, which is on display off to the side. We constantly worry about potential interruptions. Our heads ache from all the concentration and stress. Take a break from the screen during long calls. Just listen. Hide your image. Try something different like email or a voice call. And don’t default to video for external calls, especially if you don’t know the other person well.

- Time shifting. I recently read about an astronaut who shifted his thinking to cope with extended periods of isolation. Try thinking ahead. Identify a worthwhile goal and use it to motivate yourself as you move from one day to the next. When you get blue, think back on happier times and replay them over in your head. Toy with an alternative present of what ifs -- not as an exercise in regrets or should’ves -- but as a fresh way to think about choices that will come.

You can find more tips for making the most of your time at home here.  If you have any you'd like to share, email us in your own time and we’ll post them!

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