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Engineer II


Full Time

About the Role

You’re a full-stack developer interested in quickly bringing products to market that make your customers say, “wow!” You’re passionate about business and using software to create efficiency for businesses. You developed a knack for thinking like your customers and nothing pleases you more than making their day. You strive to deliver customers the solutions they know they need and dramatic improvements in processes they didn’t know were problematic.

As an engineer, you know leverage. You take time on the critical things that you have to own and let others build the things that don’t improve the customer’s experience. You use your own code, open source, AWS and every tool in your toolbox to help you deliver faster, more reliably, with reduced long-term cost of ownership.

This job might be for you if you are…

~ Maker: you know how to understand a problem, formulate a plan to address it, and execute
~ Communicator: the hardest part of any technical job isn’t the code but the collaboration required to get it done. We want effective communicators, both written and verbal.
~ Business-focused: you enjoy using technology to help people do their jobs better, more accurately and more quickly.
~ Insatiably Curious: there has to be a better way! do you enjoy thinking about, finding and implementing it?
~ Kind: you believe you’re better at most things when respectfully challenged, questioned and pushed, and that you can provide the same type of feedback and support to help those around you be their best as well.


  • 3+ years of experience as a full-stack developer. We use Python and Javascript.

  • Experience leveraging open frameworks and technology to create meaningful products. We use Django, React, Postgres.

  • Experience using cloud technology to create a competitive advantage in building software. We use AWS and embrace the value of composable services, reduced operational overhead, and quick time-to-market.

  • A strong passion for writing and deploying code the same day and the systems and practices that make that possible.

About the Company

Companies need to comply with state and local regulations wherever they operate. It’s important, detail-oriented work that nobody wants to do. To-do lists and spreadsheets don’t easily get the job done with the accuracy required. The two large service providers that dominate the industry have changed very little since they started business over 120 years ago. We aim to help companies and their law firms do this job quickly, easily and precisely and to disrupt this dated yet profitable industry. We’re looking for our first in-house engineering hire to play a pivotal role in owning and developing the systems that help solve this critical need.

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