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Corporate Transparency Act
Could you be required to file?

Please submit your information in the decision tree to the right, and an analysis will be sent to you and your attorney for discussion.  

Organizations not likely required to file.  See your attorney for confirmation.
  • Securities Reporting Issuer

  • Governmental Authority

  • Bank

  • Credit Union

  • Bank Holding Company

  • Securities Broker or Dealer.

  • Securities Exchange or Clearing Agency

  • Other Exchange Act Registered Entity

  • Investment Company / Adviser

  • Venture Capital Fund Adviser

  • Insurance Company

  • Commodity Exchange Act Registered Entity

  • Public Accounting Firm

  • Public Utility

  • Financial Market Utility

  • Pooled Investment Vehicle

  • Tax Exempt Entity

  • Assisting a Tax Exempt Entity

  • Large Operating Company

  • Subsidiary of 1-15, 71-17, 19 or 21

  • Inactive Entity

  • Licensed Insurance Producer


Let's Get Started

Please make the following selection which will provide an initial assessment of the likelihood that your business is subject to  CTA filing. 
Which best describes your business?
Is your entity regulated by SEC?
Does your business have a physical U.S. location?
Does your business have more than 20 employees?
Does your business have more than $5 million in U.S. revenue?
SingleFile is not a legal organization nor provides legal advise.  This is an early assessment is NOT a determination of your requirements.  Discuss with your attorney to receive final determination.  
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